Tuesday, September 12, 2006

An Important Point

Everything Didn't Change on 9/11: "by TChris

It took little time after 9/11 for neocons to start repeating the mantra, 'Everything changed after 9/11,' a phrase that the traditional media uncritically reported. But many things didn't change: the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, the American values of privacy and liberty, and the need for a governmental system of checks and balances. The LA Times reports on the things that did change:

[Law enforcement and intelligence-gathering authorities] increased the tapping of Americans' phone calls and voice mails. They watched Internet traffic and e-mails as never before. They tailed greater numbers of people and into places previously deemed off-limits, such as mosques.

They clandestinely accessed bank and credit card transactions and school records. They monitored travel. And they entered homes without notice, looking for signs of terrorist activity and copying the contents of entire file cabinets and computer hard drives. ...

In the five years since the attacks, the scope of domestic surveillance has steadily increased, according to"

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