Sunday, June 17, 2007

Compassionate Caregiving

My daughter is a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). She has worked in many rest homes and has years of experience in professional caretaking. I found some of her training notes and extracted what I think are important things for caregiving.

10 Steps for Compassionate Caregiving
  1. Approach the person from the front, move to the side, bend at head-to-head level, letting them know you are coming by making eye contact.
  2. Help the person with relaxation strategies to minimize fear, anxiety and stress.
  3. Attempt to maintain a consistent routine.
  4. Provide a safe and calm environment.
  5. Consider the person's discomfort due to pain, hunger, thirst, incontinence, fatigue.
  6. Be patient and try to avoid confusion.
  7. Consider how the lack of stimulation and boredom may be affecting this person.
  8. Be aware how medications may affect behavior such as insomnia or irritability.
  9. Keep promises. If you forget something, admit it.
  10. Be gracious when you leave them.
What's missing? I should know, but I'm just learning.

While on the subject of learning, congratulations to the following two award recipients, winners in the 2006 Family Caregiving Awards for Caregiver Education, sponsored by The National Alliance for Caregiving and MetLife Foundation:
Stroke of Hope Club, Inc.
North Palm Beach, FL
Caregiver Manual

Wisconsin Alliance for Family Caregiving
Madison, WI
Strengthening the Delivery of Family Caregiver Education Through Partnerships
Another source of education and motivation is the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center and their Compassionate Caregiver Award.

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Anonymous said...

Most interresting. Your 10 CNA tips show the humility with which so many non-professional, learning on the job, caregivers approach their task.

All 10 tips show that the caregiver should remember the carereceiver is a human being.

(I popped in from Vicki's Down the MS Path)

CareShare Network said...

These tips are very helpful.

jeevblogger said...
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