Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yahoo Answers for Creativity...and Answers

Sometimes I forget how valuable Q&A sites can be and specifically Yahoo Answers.

Visiting their site this morning, I noticed an interesting question under the Other - Business and Finance category, "How many uses can you think of for a Briefcase?" I thought it was a clever question, but there were only two answers - one was funny (use as a boss-bopper) and one was professionally valuable (camera installed).

I checked out the asker, tomisdabombsothere, and he had another even more clever question, "Who can think of 10+ uses for a banana?"

There were a total of 10 answers to this question, and overall they provided important medical information, food ideas, and a bit of humor.

The asker voted the following the Best Answer, by chakrinox:
1- Food
2- Hilarious Physical Comedy Gag
3- Marital Aid
4- Impromptu Self Defense
5- Banana Shakes
6- Bait in a monkey trap
7- The mouth in a fruit-face
8- Inspiration for a personal fragrance
9- Temporary prosthetic nose
10- Plugging an exhaust pipe
The Internet now has quite a few Q&A sites (some fee-based and some free) and their social networking systems have greatly improved. I'll try not to forget their potential value for providing quick, creative and useful answers.

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