Thursday, July 03, 2008

Visualizing Global Gas Prices US$/gal.

I made a prediction that the price of gas in the U.S. would be $8.00/gal. by Jan. 1, 2011. I submitted the prediction using the Web of Fate site.

Later I found the data visualization below via showing gas prices in other countries. It makes me think my prediction of $8.00/gal. is a rather safe bet.

US$/gal by Country/Territory
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Camp0s said...

Uhm, interesting! actually, i live in Italy, and 8.78 $/Gal is a well known fact.

I won't get long with well known discussion and so on, only 2 points:

1) In europe gas prices are high and will get more and more higher due to "proportional" taxes: for a liter of gas you don't have a fixed tax of 45 cents, there are % values, so, everytime the (crude) price gas increase, taxed will increase as well. Taxes and nearly 50% on our price.. (there are still some "additionals" from past wars support tax, some cents are still "devoted" to some 1850ish wars.. incredibile)

2) Frequently.. i hear people that say "with current gas prices, we will have to work more and more to fuel our cars".. sad NO-ONE ever said instead "with current gas prices, maybe, we should think where we stop the car and go by byke, foot, buses OR rethink how to less use the car".. no-one. So, the price increase, people are still addicted in using it without thinking some counter measures.

3) Ok, one more, this is a clear human behaviour, when some quantity is steadly increasing without sharp changes, people won't consider as a warning signal, and nobody will react until it's too late.