Thursday, December 13, 2012 and Data Visualization (Smallrivers) at Startup Finals, LeWeb10 (Smallrivers) at Startup Finals, LeWeb10 (Photo credit: paulamarttila) is a content curation service. They are based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) - Innovation Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

I subscribe to over 10 data visualization and infographic newsletters via For three months, I reviewed each of them daily and used Twitter to retweet the top articles. 

I also publish my own daily newsletter:  Garry’s Gazette for DataViz

Following are the newsletters I'm subscribed to (in order of most viewers):
The #infographic Daily (Top News Spotters) community 
The #DataViz community
The #infographics community
Opendata and Visualization (Top News Spotters)Pierre Crevosier
The Infographic ObserverMike Wirth
The Infographics and Mindmaps NewsOuti Lammi
The Visualization Magazine (Top News Spotters) (Innovation)Nelly Nellson
The Data Visualization DailyPaulDz - DataPic
The #visualization community
Data VisualizationMathieu Elie
Infographics! (Top News Spotters)Claudia Smalley
Insight on Research Daily (Top News Spotters)Duncan Malcolm 
The Datavis DailyBenjamin Wiederkehr
The Douglas Locke DailyDouglas Locke
Lolo's Infographics DigestLaurent Nicolas was a Red Herring Europe Top 100 Award winner for 2012. 

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