Monday, January 21, 2013

Mount Everest via Web Cam

The sun was setting on Mt. Everest. The image is from a screen-capture 
I took in January 2013. The camera is still working.

See Mount Everest Real-time

The camera is located in Kala Pattar, Nepal. It's the highest in the world (18,619 ft.). It was installed by Italian scientists as part of the Everest Share 2011 research project by the Nepalese Ev-K2-CNR team.
Coordinates:  27.9958° N, 86.8284° E

November through May is the ideal time for clear views of Mt. Everest. Noontime in Nepal is 1:15 A.M. CST.

Read about it on Wikipedia.

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Vicki said...

It really is beautiful. I can understand your attraction to this area.