Monday, October 03, 2016

Why So Many Mosques?

Months ago, I started playing with U.S. population, Mosque and Muslim data. How many Muslims in each U.S. state? What's the monthly increase? How many Mosques in each state? How many Muslims per Mosque in each state? 

It’s not a great surprise that the numbers of Muslims and mosques in the U.S. have been increasing steadily over the last 10 years and radically so over the last 20 years.

I do get surprised, however, when I look at the ratio of Mosques by state population. Why are the most mosques by population in states surrounding our nation's capital? Why is D.C. the highest by far? Just wondering. The hex tile map below highlights D.C. and the top six states.

Muslims in U.S. - June 2012 HuffingtonPost  
Mosques by state: July 2016  - 

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